Fresh Alaska Seafood

Written by Jared Vincenti
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While many people think of tropical places when they hear "seafood," Alaska is one of the seafood capitols of the world. Some of the tastiest creatures in the sea live in the deep, cold waters off the coasts of Alaska's many islands, and the fishing industry booms in Alaska. While Alaska's seafood used to be mostly canned, now fresh seafood can be transported quickly, so the whole country can enjoy fresh Alaska seafood.

Alaskan Catches

Alaska's seafood industry is crowned by the Sockeye Salmon. Between 10 and 30 million of these fish are caught each year in the weeks-long run through Bristol Bay. The salmon are then canned and frozen and shipped off to markets in the US and Japan. Other salmon also make up a significant part of the Alaskan economy, attracting sports anglers and subsistence fishermen around the state.

Just behind the sockeye are the King Crabs. These gigantic crustaceans live in waters 100 to 300 feet deep, and are captured en masse in traps that weigh more than 600 pounds. King Crabs are cooked and frozen in Alaska, and the frozen crab legs are shipped off. They are thawed and steamed, then eaten.

To order fresh Alaska seafood, you don't need to go any farther than your internet connection. Many online companies specialize in shipping fresh-frozen seafood, sometimes even overnight. Seafood is good for parties, makes a great gift, and is also a good choice for healthy living on its own.

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