Salmon Appetizers

Written by Jared Vincenti
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One of the appeals of salmon is that in addition to being an extremely healthy food, it is also a very versatile food. Salmon fillets can be broiled, smoked, or grilled in a number of different ways. They make very good entreès, and are a favorite food in restaurants and grilles. However, salmon is not just a main course.

Hors d'Ouvres with Salmon

There are several appetizers that can be made from salmon. First of all, grilled salmon can be cut into bite sized pieces and served as an appetizer. This is a healthy and tasty alternative to cocktail weenies, pepperoni, and other fatty hors d'ouvres.

Also, cold smoked salmon (also called lox) makes an excellent appetizer. This is a fillet of salmon that has been salted, spiced, and smoked--but not cooked. It has a consistency that makes it a great spread, and as an appetizer goes well on top of toasted crackers or sesame sticks.

Finally, caviar can be made from salmon. Although traditional caviar comes from the sturgeon, Atlantic Salmon produce a comparable caviar that is less expensive and similarly flavored. Excellent as a garnish or as a spread, salmon caviar is an affordable and tasty alternative to pricey caviars.

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