Salmon Gifts

Written by Jared Vincenti
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While it may seem an odd choice for a present, salmon makes a great gift. A flavorful and healthy food, it is also an uncommon item in many grocery stores. In addition, good salmon is like good wine--there's a world of difference between the good stuff and the rest. A well-selected cut of salmon is a comparable gift to any other gourmet food.

Gift Suggestions

If you know you're shopping for an avid cook, you might just want to get some fillets of king salmon. This allows your friend or loved one to prepare the fish as they choose, and to enjoy the chance to experiment with a quality piece of meat. Make sure you get the fillets delivered quickly, and that they have not been deep-frozen. This ensures that your gift is of the highest quality--just remind the recipient to use it soon, as salmon tastes best when it's fresh.

For someone less inclined to spend some time in the kitchen, salmon lox is a great gift. There are many varieties of lox, and a sampling of several smokeries' wares makes a great gift. Lox keeps well in the refrigerator, and makes a good appetizer. It even is good as a breakfast food, and can be cooked in an omelette or simply eaten on toast.

Those looking for a really creative gift can find it at a salmon smokery or seafood shop. Salmon caviar is coming into vogue as an alternative to traditional (and expensive) sturgeon caviar. Also, salmon jerky is a thoughtful gift for people who enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities.

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