Ceramic Teapots

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Ceramic tea sets are popular among dedicated tea drinkers. When most people think of ceramic teapots, the classic blue and white porcelain design is what immediately comes to mind. This is an incredibly popular style, but by no means is it the only style of ceramic tea set available to tea enthusiasts.

Ceramic Tea Sets

Clay is often used in China, but ceramic tea sets are more common in Japan. Simple designs are often better suited for everyday drinking. They are more natural and have an elegance that flowery and intricate designs lack. Simple designs in earth tones are relaxing and comforting.

A good ceramic tea set will usually come with a teapot, several tea cups, and perhaps a tray. Four is the standard number of cups in a tea set, though you always have more. If you go through a good online vendor, you can expect to pay less for a ceramic tea set than you would at your local store. Depending on the style, size, included accessories, and other factors, a good ceramic tea set can be purchased online for under $50.

Ceramic tea sets make excellent gifts. They are strong so they will resist damage, and they enable users to enjoy the many health benefits of drinking tea. Tea is shown to strengthen bones and teeth, fight cancer, treat indigestion and sleeplessness, and reduce the risk of stroke. There are even aphrodisiac teas for the truly bold.

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