Chinese Tea Sets

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Chinese tea sets are a prized commodity among dedicated tea enthusiasts. A genuine Chinese tea set makes the tea drinking ritual more authentic and true to its Asian roots. Tea was discovered in China thousands of years ago, and the Chinese have been refining the art of brewing and serving tea ever since.

Three Chinese Tea Sets

Authentic Chinese tea sets are usually made from one of three distinct materials. Porcelain is one of the most common materials used for making tea sets. Porcelain tea sets have some of the most spectacular artistry imaginable. They are strikingly beautiful, and I've seen some really breathtaking porcelain tea sets sold online at very reasonable rates.

Gongfu tea sets are made of clay and are the most authentic of all. This is the way tea has been brewed and served in China since the beginning. Clay is a natural choice for liquid vessels and is the preferred method in China. The porosity of clay captures and retains the flavors of what is served in it. As time goes by, each batch of tea served in a gongfu tea set becomes more and more flavorful and aromatic.

Yixang tea pots are another clay variety. The flavor retaining properties of this clay tea pot are the same as the clay gongfu variety. Yixang is also very strong and is not a good conductor of heat. This means that the tea stays hot while the pot and handle stay cool. Yixang clay teapots are preferred in China because they actually look better with greater use. The colors come alive the more the pot is used.

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