Chinese Teas

Written by Seth Cotterell
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When you think of tea, you probably associate it with China. The Chinese have used tea as a health drink and herbal medicine for centuries. Teas of different varieties are a central part of traditional Chinese culture. Nobody knows more about tea than the Chinese, and many of the finest teas are grown in this part of the world.

Different Chinese Teas

It's important to remember that there is no single "Chinese tea". While green tea is the most widely consumed, it is only one of the many tea varieties that originated in China. Even within the family of green tea, there are many different varieties. Each has its own health benefits and each has its own flavor and method of preparation.

Aside from green tea, there are dozens of teas that are grown in various regions of the country. Some teas are grown at very high altitudes in the mountains, others are grown on lower slopes. Depending on where and how a tea is grown, it develops its own characteristics. A high elevation tea, for example, will have a different taste and a different look than one grown at lower altitudes.

Chinese teas run the gamut from green tea, to oolong, to fruit, and floral tea. I have always been a fan of chrysanthemum, and jasmine is also a very delicious blend. Tea, even gourmet tea, is becoming more affordable around the country, and the availability of delicious, gourmet Chinese Tea has never been greater. The Internet has turned the world into a tea lover's paradise.

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