Clay Tea Pots

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Cast iron teapots are extremely common in the United States and Europe. Cast iron is a great material for teapots because it is sturdy and will last a long time. For a truly authentic tea experience, however, clay teapots are a must. Clay is the material of choice in China, the birthplace of tea.

Traditional Clay Teapots

Clay teapots have been used in China since the accidental discovery of tea nearly five millennia ago. Through the ages, the Chinese have used a variety of different materials to make teapots, tea cups, and trivets, but none of the other materials has ever proven as useful as traditional clay. Clay tea sets are still the most commonly used sets throughout the country.

The unique properties of clay make it ideal for holding and serving liquids. Unlike metal, clay is porous. This allows it to draw some of the flavor of the liquid into the pot. The more a clay pot is used, the more flavor it retains. This results in progressively stronger and more flavorful teas brewed in the clay pot. Tea quality increases with each use of a clay pot.

Clay is highly durable to resist breaking, and heat is not conducted to the handle. Clay is also one of the most beautiful materials with which to make a tea set. The color of a clay teapot will actually appear more vibrant with each use. The more the clay pot is used, the better it looks. Not many materials can make a similar claim.

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