Filtering Tea Mugs

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Brewing a pot of tea is a rewarding and relaxing experience. There are times, though, when you just don't need or want to make an entire pot. For times like these, when an individual serving is called for, a tea mug is a terrific alternative to a pot. You will be able to enjoy a healthy cup of tea without wasting water or tea leaves.

If you're going to get a tea mug, there are several types to consider. The best are filtering tea mugs. Filtering tea mugs have an interior filter that results in tea with more flavor and more aroma. The filter allows natural and full expansion of tea leaves to produce a rich and delicious mug of tea.

Porcelain vs. Clay Filtering Tea Mugs

Filters and tea mugs are made from several different materials. Porcelain mugs and filters are popular because they are strong and easy to clean. They can be painted or glazed with exquisite designs to add a sense of artistry and sophistication to your tea set. Porcelain is highly popular in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

If you're willing to spend a little bit more for a more traditional tea experience, a clay filtering tea mug is what you're after. Clay is the traditional material of choice in China for making teapots and mugs. It retains flavor better and does not conduct heat. The mug will stay much cooler if it is made of clay. Clay mugs can also be decorated with beautiful designs and styles.

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