Floral Teas

Written by Seth Cotterell
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There is not one, single type of floral tea. Floral tea is rather any tea made from any number of flowers. Floral teas are made from different types of flowers found around the world and have some of the most distinctive flavors of any tea type. Each tea looks, smells, and tastes different depending on the flower it is derived from.

Different Types of Floral Teas

Rosebud tea is a popular floral tea. It is made from the buds of roses and is a very interesting and popular tea. It is a very pale tea with a light, sweet taste. Because of its lightness and sweetness, it is common to mix rosebud tea with other types of tea. It can also be enjoyed by itself as a flowery delight.

If black tea is the breakfast tea, chamomile is the bedtime tea. This floral tea is one of the most soothing and relaxing tea blends around. Drinking a cup before bed can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. It is often used as a natural cure for insomnia and other health problems. It has a delightful taste no matter what time of day you care to sip on a cup.

Hibiscus tea is another popular floral tea. Hibiscus has one of the most pronounced tastes of any floral tea. It is not a subtle tea, as many floral teas are. It is a red tea with a very sweet taste, and one some people find odd at first. Once you have acquired a taste for hibiscus tea, however, you'll find it one of the most friendly and inviting of all teas. Good deals on floral teas are easy to find on the Internet. This is the best place to shop for floral teas due to the higher prices traditional tea shops often charge.

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