Gifts For Tea Drinkers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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For the tea enthusiast in your family, a tea gift set makes a perfect present for any occasion. Whether it is for Christmas, a birthday, or just to show someone you love them, the gift of tea and tea accessories really is a gift that keeps on giving and will always be appreciated.

The Gift of Tea

If the recipient is a long time tea drinker and connoisseur, an exotic Yixang clay teapot is a perfect gift. This is the traditional way tea is brewed and served in China. The clay traps flavor from each pot that is brewed, and the more it is used, the richer its teas become. They are also quite attractive and durable.

If the recipient is new to the world of tea, there are many options available. A combination set is probably the best way to go. A combination gift set will include a sampling of different teas, a tea mug, or perhaps even an entire tea set. Different varieties of teas are always a good gift idea to allow the novice the opportunity to sample tea flavors and find the type he or she likes best.

It is also a gift you can feel good about giving. Natural teas are a great source of vitamins and minerals and regular consumption of certain types of teas has been shown to increase overall health. Green tea boosts the immune system and black tea reduces the risk of stroke. Some tea contains cancer fighting properties. You'll not only be giving that special someone something useful and relaxing, but something good for them as well.

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