Good Green Tea

Written by Amy Hall
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You may be surprised to learn that there is such a thing as good green tea as opposed to bad green tea. In a nutshell, the benefits of the green teas you find in your local supermarket are not equivalent to those of the healthy green teas you will find in specialty tea shops, online, or through some health food stores. Supermarket teas are inexpensive, which unfortunately in this case usually makes them inferior in terms of quality.

So, you may be wondering what makes a good green tea. Well, for one thing, the best green teas tend to come from Japan, and they are taken from the first or second harvest, not the third or fourth harvest. When you buy green teas that come from the later harvests, you will not be getting a superior quality tea; although some of the antioxidant properties will still be present, just to a lesser degree.

Buy Good Green Tea Online

Although you can buy good green tea online, it is important that you realize there are many online vendors passing themselves off as green tea experts. Always inquire about the tea you are considering buying before you plunk down your credit card number. Green teas that are from places other than Japan or China will likely be inferior in quality and they will not provide the same health benefits as teas from Japan's first harvested crop.

Furthermore, find out what type of packaging the company uses to ship the green teas. All green teas should be sealed in airtight containers, keeping oxygen away from the leaves. Once oxygen comes into contact with the green tea leaves, the shelf life drops considerably and you have less time to consume your tea, while still reaping all the health benefits.

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