Green Tea Uses

Written by Amy Hall
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When you think about green tea uses, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is illness and disease prevention. The antioxidants found in green teas, especially catechins, are known to help boost the immune system and lower the risks of developing certain health problems, such as cancer and heart disease. The focus of green tea consumption seems to be on these health benefits, and not much else.

However, it should be recognized that there are various blends of green teas that also taste delicious and offer a relaxing treat. Many green teas come infused with other herbs that are both aromatic and flavorful for a soothing beverage. In fact, as I sit and type this article on green tea and all of its uses, I am sipping a green tea blend infused with peppermint and lemongrass that smells incredible and tastes delicious as well.

Just the scent of my cup of green tea is soothing, which makes me realize that there is yet another benefit to drinking this miracle tea. When green teas are infused with aromatic herbs, the scents that permeate the air are soothing to the mind, so you could say that another use for green tea is relaxation. Perhaps companies that sell aromatherapy products such as candles and incense should look into selling good green teas for soothing comfort of both the mind and body.

The Many Green Tea Uses

Although green tea uses are basically centered on the health benefits, some people drink green tea simply because they like it. Just as coffee drinkers tend to start their days with coffee, many tea drinkers begin theirs with green tea. You certainly have chosen a healthier alternative to coffee if you prefer green tea in the morning: kudos to you for making the healthy choice.

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