How To Brew Tea

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Drinking tea is a pleasure enjoyed by millions of people in diverse societies around the globe. Tea is consumed at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everywhere in between, and its popularity only continues to grow. Thanks to internet commerce, once rare and expensive teas are now much more widely available and for much lower prices.

Brewing Tea

Though the types of teas vary, brewing tea is a more or less universal process. There are slight local brewing variations in different cultures, but the basic process is so simple it is followed practically everywhere. The first step is to boil water. Boiling water not only removes impurities, but it brings out the flavor of the tea leaves. Once the water boils, simply add the loose tea or the tea bag.

That's it, that's all there is to brewing tea. After you add the tea to the hot water, wait for a few minutes to allow the tea leaves to release their flavors into the water. This is what is referred to as "steeping". Some teas only need to steep for a minute or so, others require several minutes. The longer a tea steeps, the stronger it becomes. Follow the instructions on the package or ask a tea professional if you have any questions.

Though brewing a cup of tea is incredibly easy, getting that tea from the place where it grows into your home is a major process. The tea plant is harvested and then processed in different ways. Different processing methods result in different tea types. Black tea is the result of a certain processing method and green tea is the result of another. These processes can be complex, but they are also fascinating to study for true tea lovers.

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