Instant Green Tea

Written by Amy Hall
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Don't be turned off by the idea of instant green tea. It is easy to assume that instant green tea will not be as flavorful as regular green tea, or that it will not have the same levels of antioxidants in it. A good portion of the people who drink green teas do so mainly to reap the benefits associated with its consumption.

However, there are some premium instant green teas on the market that are perfect for enjoying hot, iced, or mixed into a smoothie. Consider this fact; when you brew regular teas you wind up throwing away the leaves, which contain all the nutrients. With many instant teas, the leaves are ground up and you mix them into the drink, thus retaining all the nutritional value.

Instant Green Tea from China and Japan

You can purchase instant green teas from China and Japan through online vendors if that is more convenient for you. Check to see how they process their teas to make them both flavorful and aromatic. Furthermore, always ask how the tea is packaged, as oxygen can greatly reduce the shelf life of any green tea. All green tea should be packaged in air tight containers that keep oxygen out to preserve flavor and the level of antioxidants in the tea.

When preparing instant green tea for a hot beverage, heat the water to almost boiling, and then pour the tea into a mug. You will then want to pour the hot water over the tea and mix well with a spoon. For iced tea, simply pour the tea into a glass, and fill the glass with cold filtered water. You must mix it well and then add ice cubes and lemon wedges if you prefer. For a smoothie, you can simply add the instant tea, with some low fat milk, crushed ice, and some fruit into a blender and you will have a decadent and healthy treat.

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