Japanese Tea Sets

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Though tea originated in China, the art of brewing and serving tea was refined and perfected in Japan. Tea has become an integral part of Japanese culture since it was first brought there by Buddhist monks centuries ago. The Japanese tea ceremony is one of Japan's most famous rituals.

The tea ceremony in Japan is held in high regard by practitioners and participants. It is a highly formal and stylized activity. There are rules of conduct and appearance that must be adhered to during the tea ceremony. There are appropriate topics of conversation and rules dictating appropriate physical gestures. Japanese tea ceremony practitioners study for years in order to perfect their style.

Traditional Japanese Tea Sets

A Japanese tea set is an excellent way to feel like you're part of a traditional tea ceremony no matter where you live. A porcelain or ceramic tea set decorated in authentic and traditional Japanese designs brings the feeling of Japan to your kitchen or living room. Traditional designs often feature nature themes such as flowers or animals, or characters from the Japanese alphabet.

Tea sets can be expensive, however. A traditional tea set at a local gourmet shop can be too expensive to fit into most people's budget. I've been able to locate better prices online. I have visited many tea related websites and have found a few really good vendors of gourmet tea and tea accessories. Prices at the best sites are about 15 percent less than at traditional stores.

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