Loose Teas

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Contemporary American culture is built on speed, convenience, and single serving sizes. We live in a prepackaged society where goods are consumed in individual servings. Little thought is usually given to artistry or authenticity in the goods we buy and sell every day. This is true when it comes to tea as well.

Most of us are used to preparing tea from tea bags. We boil or microwave water and dunk in a single serving teabag. While this is convenient and does allow us to experience some of the benefits of drinking tea, this is not an authentic and true tea drinking experience. For that, we need loose tea.

Loose tea does not come prepackaged in tea bags. It is simply tea leaves that have not been overly processed and packaged. Loose tea leaves are put in an internal filter of a tea mug or pot, allowing the leaves to expand fully, which results in a more natural, flavorful tea. Gourmet teas are usually loose, though you can also get gourmet tea bags from some tea vendors.

Health Benefits of Loose Tea

Drinking loose tea is also better for you. It is much more natural, and allows drinkers to experience the maximum health benefits associated with drinking tea. Some of the healthy benefits of drinking tea are lower cholesterol, a stronger immune system, less indigestion, and reduced risk of stroke and cancer.

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