Natural Tea

Written by Amy Hall
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Green tea is often described as a natural tea, because it does not undergo any drying or fermentation processing which can strip it of its antioxidant properties. Black tea and oolong tea both undergo the drying and fermentation process, which to a wide degree leaves them in the dust in terms of preventative properties. People who live in China and Japan have much lower incidences of certain cancers that are found in higher numbers elsewhere around the world, and the reason for this is that they consume large amounts of green tea.

Scientists strongly believe that natural tea, such as green tea, is the answer to preventing many serious health conditions. For instance, the antioxidants in green tea are so powerful that they can fight off damage from free radicals, which left to their own devices can destroy healthy cells in the body. Green tea also boosts the immune system and lowers high cholesterol and blood pressure.

In addition, green tea drinkers suffer much less from colds and flu viruses, which is a bonus during the winter months when most people are sniffling and sneezing. Natural tea can also help with memory improvement, especially in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Remember, green teas are not all created equal, so you want to make sure you are getting a high quality product, which can protect you from many health problems.

Buying Natural Tea

The highest quality green teas come from Japan. Look for teas that came from the first or second harvest, as they are of the highest quality. Also, when ordering green tea, make sure that it is packed in an airtight container that uses nitrogen in place of oxygen for a longer shelf life. Oxygen does not mix well with green tea, so it is very important that it comes in the proper packaging.

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