Porcelain Teapots

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Traditional teapots in China are made of Yixang clay. Clay teapots are good for retaining flavor and nutrients and for style and authenticity. They are not good for people on a budget, however. Traditional clay teapots, though beautiful, aren't always practical. They can be too expensive to be cost effective, though an Internet tea seller will most likely offer good deals that most people can afford.

Beautiful Porcelain Teapots

A perfect alternative to an expensive clay tea set is porcelain. Porcelain teapots are much less expensive than clay ones. Porcelain teapots are also durable and resist damage well. They will not chip, crack, or break even with repeated and continual use.

Porcelain teapots come in a wider variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. There are big teapots, little teapots, and all sizes in between. Some have large, intricate handles, others are more simple with less decoration. They come in all colors of the rainbow and with various designs printed on them.

For an authentic flare, you can get hand painted porcelain teapots with traditional designs represented. Traditional designs often feature floral images. Plants like the lotus or cherry blossom are often represented. Animal imagery is also common. Tigers, elephants, birds, dragons, and other animals both real and mythical are traditional subjects.

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