Tea Accessories

Written by Seth Cotterell
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If you're serious about tea and are going to become a regular drinker, you'll need more than just some tea bags and a pot. There are certain accessories that you will require in order to gain maximum enjoyment from your tea drinking experience. Here are some of the accessories you might want to consider.

Important Tea Accessories

A trivet is perhaps the most important accessory. A trivet is the stand where you set your hot teapot. A trivet protects tables and other surfaces from damage due to extreme temperatures. It is sort of like an oven mitt for your tea set. Repairing a damaged surface due to burns is expensive and frustrating. Using a trivet will prevent this frustration.

Another tea accessory most tea drinkers have is a storage canister. This is especially necessary for those people who drink gourmet loose teas. Tea bags are kept in the box they come in, but loose teas need a canister for proper storage. A canister will keep the tea from being spilled, and protect it from getting wet or drying out.

Filters are another important accessory. If you're going to drink loose teas, you're going to need a filter. Simple place the loose tea into the filter then put the filter into the water. The filter allows the tea leaves to fully release their flavor into the water and keeps the leaves from being drunk with the tea. Disposable filters are available or you can use a tea mug with an internal filter.

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