Tea Infusers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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A tea infuser is merely a utensil used for making tea. Tea infusers are generally used for making larger batches of tea like a pitcher or a large pot. Small infusers can be used for individual cups for fans of loose tea and whole leaf tea. The infuser acts like a tea bag or filter, enabling you to get the richest flavor possible.

How do Tea Infusers Work?

To use your tea infuser, fill the infuser basket with whole leaf tea. Then boil water and add the infuser. The tea leaves expand and release their goodness into the water. This infuses the water with the natural flavor of the leaves, hence the name.

I like to use infusers because I prefer whole leaf tea and other loose teas. The tea bags that are common in Western cultures do not seem to have the same richness of flavor as loose gourmet teas. Tea bags are certainly convenient, but they seem less flavorful, and some have less antioxidants and fewer of the other vitamins and minerals that make tea an incredibly healthy treat.

If you drink a lot of tea or make frequent pitchers, an infuser is a handy accessory. They can be purchased at any gourmet tea shop. For tea fans on a budget, an online gourmet tea shop is an attractive alternative. They frequently have lower everyday prices and offer added incentives and bonuses you won't find at the expensive shop down the street.

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