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    Boys Summer Camps

    Imagine yourself in a wonderful dream, one where you have been lulled to sleep by the great outdoors, the call of loons on the lake or the soothing sound of wind rustling through the trees. Imagine that your days have been filled with activity and fun and laughter. Imagine that there is still dust from the baseball field on your ankles and that your hands are still slightly curled as if around a tennis racket. Feel the excitement that comes from knowing you will soon be swimming in a cool, clear lake. If a smile has begun to creep across your face, you have probably been to summer camp.

    Spending the Summer away from Home

    A summer spent at camp is one of the best ways for children of all ages to learn a little bit about themselves. For boys in particular, a single sex summer camp offers the chance to develop personal character without the inevitable distraction that comes from the presence of the opposite sex. Boys' camp programs are designed to help campers try new things in a safe environment and have experiences that may be vastly different from those they will have at home or in school. Camp fosters a wonderful spirit of togetherness and helps boys to develop social skills as well as life skills.

    A typical day at camp includes specific times for meals, activities and rest. Camp days often begin with an all-camp meeting and flag-raising where daily announcements take place. Boys are generally given the opportunity to sign up for their favorite activities, and in most cases, camps that are on the water provide mandatory swimming lessons each day. Meals are served and eaten family-style in a main dining hall and evenings are often concluded with an all-camp activity.

    Many camps offer programs that can last for four to eight weeks through the summer. These lengthy sessions allow campers to cultivate truly lasting friendships and establish a strong sense of community. Longer camp sessions also allow time for trips off-camp, whether for an afternoon, overnight or for a few days. Trips can often be the most rewarding part of camp, giving campers stories and memories that can last a lifetime.

    Camp Programs

    Almost every camp has a main focus. Some camps are designed to help boys learn about their environment and how best to care for and preserve it. Other camps are specifically for creative arts such as writing and drawing. One of the most popular types of camps for boys is the sports camp, which offers a variety of different athletic activities and state of the art fields and equipment.

    Sports camps give boys the opportunity to play and practice their sport of choice. Many camps will hire professional or college-level coaches who will instruct boys in the basic skills of each sport. They may also hold special clinics with professional athletes who can work to inspire the campers. These are great ways for young athletes to improve and excel, giving them an added boost when they return home to school teams.

    Researching Summer Camps

    Up until a few years ago, parents searched for summer camps through the local library or personal recommendations. While these are both still wonderful resources, the Internet has proven to be to best way to find summer programs that suit the taste of almost any child. Internet searches can bring up directories of camps by state or by program and each search will bring any number of choices.

    Many camps also have websites, which are a fantastic source of information. Websites will give parents a good idea of cost, as well as strength of the program offerings. Websites often boast pictures, which are a great way to get a feel for a camp and for the condition of its facilities. Additionally, a good website will offer contact information in a prominent location so parents can call with any questions and ensure the well-being of their children.