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    Craps Download

    A craps download allows you to play craps on your computer. There are system requirements with a craps download that may affect the operation of the game. Your internet connection can play a role in how your craps download operates as well. Playing craps on your computer involves the same style of play as you would find in a casino.

    Variables Affecting Your Craps Download

    In order for a game to work correctly on your computer you will need the correct memory and drivers. Most systems will have the necessary memory available, as downloads are usually less than 2KB. It is likely that your system will have the necessary drive to operate the game. If you do not have the right driver, the program will likely be able to install it for you.

    It is recommended that you read the "terms and conditions" when downloading a program from a website. Some free programs include programs that can slow down your internet connection and even track and report how you surf. Reading the "terms" will inform you if there are any piggy back programs with your selected download.

    Your internet connection will have an effect on the operation of your download. It is obvious that the faster your connection speed, the faster your download will go. A faster connection will also have an effect on how the game plays. Downloadable programs are connected to the host site's server in case you want to play for money. A slow internet connection will make for a choppy, slow game.