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    Hunting Scents

    Hunting scents have two main functions: to attract animals and to mask the human scent from the animals being hunted. It's very helpful if you have some scents that will lure turkeys, deer, or elk into the area, which will give you a better opportunity to aim and shoot with less room for error. But if animals pick up on your scent, they will avoid the area, lure or no lure.

    Some hunting scents are formulated to lure in animals, and mask human odors at the same time. For instance, The Adirondack Outdoor Company sells many different scents that are designed to attract animals and cover up the human scent. They make a scent called the Adirondack Buck Lure that has a combination of ingredients that attract deer and hide the scent of humans. It contains natural deer secretions and musks which attract deer all year long.

    Hunting Scents for Proven Success

    There are also some scents that smell like other animals, which fool the targeted animal into thinking what they are smelling is really just another wild animal. For instance, there are actually skunk scents that actually make deer think there is a big, stinky skunk in the area. Little does that deer know that the stinky skunk is you, patiently waiting for him to make his arrival!

    Then there is deer lure that contains urine from does when they are in heat, so it is a powerful attractant to big bucks. There are several different kinds of scents used in hunting, and you may have to experiment with a few before you find the magic potion.