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    Walking In England

    Walking in England, travelers find themselves immersed in a realm where the past is intrinsically linked to the present. Names like Wordsworth, Shakespeare, and Coleridge seem to emanate from the earth. Looking out onto England's pristine lakes, one feels awed by the fact that these are the same waters that inspired our culture's most treasured ideas and thoughts.

    By participating in an English hiking tour, walking in England becomes a cultural experience never forgotten. Nowhere else in the world is a society so sophisticated yet so down to earth and fun loving at the same time. The English can show you how to enjoy life, whether you fancy a hot tea or pint of ale.

    Walking in England from Village to Village

    Hiking trips through England are a fun way to enter a completely new lifestyle while enjoying the magnificence of a beautiful land. Along the way, sightseers are treated to rock walls, sheep grazing in pastures, and colorful wildflowers. By the time the walk is over, and it's time to rest for the day, village teashops and pubs treat hikers to a taste of the good life.

    Walking tours stop in distinct towns to enjoy English theatre. If preferred, one can skip the plays altogether and simply eat, drink, and be merry the English way. The perfect ending to a vacation of walking in England is listening to live readings of great British poetry.