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    Action Cues

    Not everyone who is interested in buying a personal pool cue has hundreds of dollars to spend. That is one of the beauties of the game. Unlike many other recreational activities, you don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy it. But everyone wants to know that however much they spend, they got the most for their money. In this spirit, Action Cues offers a large selection of billiards cues to meet the needs of a variety of players at affordable prices. Whether you are an occasional player, league player, or a top level tournament competitor, you can probably find something in the Action line that will suit your needs.

    One of the great benefits of having your own cue is consistency. For those who wish to improve their game, it is often difficult to deal with having a different house cue each night, especially when they aren't always well maintained. In a game where small subtleties can make a large difference, having your own cue provides the consistency of feel necessary to improve your skills. Still, the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of equipment that you can otherwise use for free makes little sense to some. But if people could buy a quality cue for as little as fifteen dollars, I think some would change their mind.

    Action Cues Offer Something for Everyone

    Action cues provide many of the features and quality of workmanship associated with higher priced custom cues. But the large number of cues in the Action line also ensures that even more discriminating players can choose a cue with just the features they want. You can choose from cues with basic plastic ferrules, fiber ferrules, or the Ivorine ferrules found on many high end cues. The Saver Cue line is made of Ramin wood, while some higher priced models are precision milled from Canadian hard rock maple and other exotic woods. You can choose from models with no wrap, nylon wraps, or the more desired linen wraps. Action even offers several models of jump-break cues and junior cues.

    Their Saver Cue line starts at about fifteen dollars, while their Elite line has cues priced up to $200. Most Action cues have a wood-to-wood joint, which provides for efficient energy transfer and a medium-soft hit desired by many players. All their cues come with a satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty against materials defects and workmanship.