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    Folding Bikes

    DAHON makes folding bikes that fold and unfold without any tools, meaning they are easy as heck to store and easy as heck to use. This eliminates the need for bike racks and other potentially expensive items that have to be installed. Once you set up camp, you will need some easy form of transportation to get you to local spots. This is an excellent option.

    The next thing you know, someone will design a camper that literally folds up. Wait, I think the pop-up trailer might qualify. It truly is amazing what companies are coming up with. These folding bikes are so much fun and so easy to assemble. They work great with adults and kids and can really enhance a vacation.

    Folding Bikes Entertain

    Families are always on the lookout for the perfect vacation opportunity that will satisfy everyone, if that is indeed possible. If you have kids or frequently travel with children, you understand the logistical and emotional hassles involved. Keeping a child interested has to be one of the most difficult things to do in the world. Folding bikes are a pretty good idea.

    Just because you are on the road or out in the wilderness doesn't mean you have to forgo your television. In fact, there are domed satellite systems that receive over three hundred channels of digital programming. For many of us, this is more than we currently receive with our seemingly arcane home units. Life on the road doesn't mean you have to "rough it."