Games and Recreation

    Indoor Family Games

    Indoor family games provide a good solution to rainy days. They are a great idea when kids can't go outside and play. If play time is the question, board games are the answer.

    Classic Indoor Family Games

    Scrabble is one of the most tremendously entertaining indoor family games. It teaches kids spelling and vocabulary. It takes a couple of hours to play too, so it's a good afternoon choice to make the time pass.

    Cranium is an instant classic. It is the best family game there is available on the market today. The game encompasses both left and right brain qualities. Players get to answer questions, sculpt, draw, and act things out. The variety of gaming options is what makes this game never get old.

    Family Card Games

    Card games are another excellent way to pass time when the weather outside is frightful. Uno and Skip Bo are fun for young and old alike, as players match numbers and colors. Phase Ten is also fun for adults and older kids, as it is more like Rummy. A newer game that kids love is Apples to Apples Junior In it, children make funny associations between a card in their hand and a descriptive word they are given.