Affordable Airsoft Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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With their rising popularity, Airsoft guns are getting more realistic, more complex, and often more expensive. You can easily spend several hundred dollars on a new gun, only to turn around and buy hundreds of dollars of accessories to operate and upgrade it. The least expensive, entry-level guns are called "springers." These guns are usually pistols or basic rifles that are hand-cocked and relatively light. (More expensive guns may include metal parts to increase weight.)

If you want something a little better than the basic springer pistol, you can search for deals on more advanced guns that are used or missing parts. Often these guns can be half-price, or less, and require you only to purchase replacement parts and install them. Such guns may have no warranties attached, though, so "buyers beware." If you practice some basic buying skills like knowing what you need, researching the seller, and comparing your options, you can get a good deal this way.

Once you make the purchase of your gun, you should be prepared for buying accessories. At the very least, you will have to buy BBs. If you buy a gas gun, you will have to buy gas and BBs. AEGs usually cause their owners to buy even more BBs and to want to upgrade their motors, gears, and gearboxes. Since most second-hand Airsoft guns come with no warranties, they are excellent guns to purchase with the intent to upgrade because there is no warranty to void.

With Popularity and Availability Comes Affordability

Some early Airsoft guns have become collectors items and are rather expensive because there are so few of them. As Airsoft's popularity has grown, the prices for new guns have dropped considerably--relative to their capabilities. With such increased popularity comes the increased availability of parts and used weapons on the after-market. Of course popularity also attracts the scam retailers, so look for warranties and the histories of retailers you consider.

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