Airsoft Accessories

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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As with most hobbies and activities, you will never truly be finished spending money on your Airsoft guns until you stop using them. Airsoft guns must be kept loaded with BBs, and the faster your gun's rate of fire, the more BBs you will need. Most, if not all, Airsoft gas guns use magazines that contain both the gas and the BBs, so keeping your gun in gas adds to the expense. Also, with age, an Airsoft gun's parts will start to wear out and need to be replaced.

Once you start using your Airsoft gun in team competitions you will probably start wanting some extra, tactical gear. This is when items like speed-loaders, laser sights, and rifle scopes start to seem more like necessities than accessories. You will also probably want more than one weapon, so you will need to holster the ones not in use. Plus, you should have some eye protection as well--whether it is a full mask or just a pair of safety goggles.

Airsoft guns do wear out and need to be repaired. This is usually just a matter of replacing critical parts. Spring guns may need new springs. Gas guns may need new seals. AEGs may need new gears. If you have been cleaning and maintaining your gun, you should be able to make such replacements with little difficulty. If your gun is not that old and is still under warranty, you may be able to get such parts replaced for free, as defective.

Upgrading Your Airsoft Weapons

There comes a time in every Airsofter's life when his or her machine gun simply does not fire fast enough, and his or her spring pistol simply does not have enough power. At this point there are only two solutions--buy a better gun, or install some upgrades. Heavier springs, more powerful motors, more precise gears, and larger batteries can all improve the performance characteristics of an Airsoft gun, but they will usually void a warranty.

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