Airsoft Aeg Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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AEGs (automatic electric guns) are the most popular Airsoft guns, if you exclude the cheaper, entry-level, "springer"-type guns. These guns have batteries, motors, and gears that control their firing mechanisms. They are almost universally fully-automatic replicas of real-world weapons, like the AK-47, the M-16, and the French FAMAS. AEGs have the fastest firing rates of any Airsoft guns and are the preferred type of gun used in team competitions.

The realistic look, feel, and operation of AEGs has arguably been the single greatest reason for the explosion of interest in Airsoft products. In the early 1990s, Airsoft was a little known activity outside of parts of Asia. Attempts to bring it to the West had not met with any great success. However, as companies like Tokyo Marui (still considered the top AEG manufacturer) continued to produce better and better products and the Internet made it easier for enthusiasts to get together, companies in the West took notice.

Now there are many different companies producing dozens of different AEG models, with full lines of accessories for each. For almost any model AEG, you can find several different batteries, replacement and upgrade motors, gearboxes, gears, bushings, barrels, stocks, sights, and scopes. AEGs are the most customizable Airsoft guns and allow their owners the most options for obsessive tweaking. It is important to remember, though, that upgrading often voids warranties.

Upgrading Your AEG

An AEG's performance is measured in its shot velocity, its accuracy, its distance, its operating time, and its rate of fire. Increasing battery capacity will increase an AEG's operating time. Increasing battery voltage will increase the rate of fire--but will also wear the motor out more quickly. Changing gears, bushings, and bearings can also affect both firing rate and motor power. Along with many of these upgrades, an upgraded motor is usually required.

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