Airsoft Bb Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Airsoft BB guns utilize several different means for firing their projectiles. The simplest and least expensive Airsoft guns are commonly called "springers" and use nothing more than a spring to initiate the firing sequence. The middle category of Airsoft guns are gas-powered and are a bit more complex than the simple springers. The premier category of Airsoft guns are the AEGs, automatic electric guns, which are replicas of fully automatic machine guns like the MP5 and the AK-47.

The vast majority of springers are pistols--with a few low-power rifles using the same, simple firing method. Springer pistols often make the best entry-level guns because they are simple and inexpensive. After a time, though, the springer will probably not be enough, and a more capable gun will be desired. Rather than buying a gas gun or an AEG, some people choose high-quality spring guns made from heavy-weight materials that use stronger springs.

Gas guns offer better firing characteristics (pellet speed, accuracy, rate-of-fire, distance, etc.) than do springers. They are also usually heavier and more attention is paid to adding realistic details to the guns. Many gas guns, though not all, can even offer the added realism of blow-back action when the guns are fired. Gas guns also require a great deal more maintenance to keep them in proper working conditions than do springers.

The Top Airsoft BB Guns

The dominant gun type preferred by enthusiasts and found most often in competitions is the AEG, the automatic electric gun. An AEG has a battery that powers a motor, turns gears, operates a piston, compresses air behind a BB, and propels it down the length of the barrel and out through the muzzle. These guns can have high firing rates and are readily customizable. They also represent the most expensive category of Airsoft weapons.

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