Airsoft Gas Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Airsoft gas guns are more complex than simple springer-type guns, but they are less complex than automatic electric guns (AEGs). The vast majority of gas guns are pistols, and they come in a vast array of real-world styles, colors, and qualities. There are quite a few gas-powered rifles and machine guns, but they are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of gas-powered pistols. Almost every popular real-world firearm has an Airsoft replica.

Gas guns are not usually recommended as entry-level guns because they require more maintenance than basic, low-power springers. As with all Airsoft guns, gas guns must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid jamming or wearing out parts too quickly, but gas guns also have interior seals that must be lubricated to keep from deteriorating. Some gases used in gas gun magazines are self-lubricating, but it is a good idea to maintain a separate lubrication schedule too.

Gas guns can also vary significantly in their achieved levels of realism--a major concern within the Airsoft community. Heavy-weight materials, metal replacement parts, and design aesthetics, all play a part in a gun's realism. A gas gun can further enhance its realism by producing a true, blow-back action upon firing. You will often see gas guns classified as non blow-back (NBB) or gas blow-back (GBB). However, some models do not allow for a blow-back action.

Top Companies Producing Airsoft Gas Guns

Every Airsofter has a different opinion as to which manufacturer is best and reasons for holding that opinion. However, the general consensus consistently places companies like KCS and Western Arms near the top in terms of realism and firing characteristics. Tokyo-Marui, already a leader in the design and production of advanced AEGs, has begun placing more emphasis on producing high-quality, gas-powered guns as well. Airsoft is still relatively new, so the field is still changing.

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