Airsoft Holsters

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Airsoft holsters should not be considered to be accessories only. A good holster can keep your gun secure on your body when you are running around firing another weapon. Airsoft guns are not too terribly expensive, but neither are they so inexpensive that you would want to keep breaking them by dropping them during a game. Your choice of holsters will depend greatly on your collection of guns, the guns you use most often, and your style of play.

If you are an aggressive, crouching and hunting type of player, you may prefer a holster that gives you the fastest access and easiest transition to firing position. Additionally, if you carry several weapons of mixed types (like several pistols and an assault rifle), you will have to consider their arrangement on your body and how that will affect your movement. Holsters can vary in body positions, gun retention styles, accessory capacities (space for magazines or scopes), and materials.

To get a holster with the proper fit, you should look for holsters that are made for your type of gun (Glock, Desert Eagle, Beretta, etc.), or for guns of similar sizes. You should also be certain your gun will fit comfortably, and securely, on your body with the holster in the correct position. There are plenty of options from which to choose, including shoulder holsters, hip holsters, belt holsters, leg holsters, drop-leg holsters, and ankle holsters.

Securing Your Guns and Accessories

Many holsters have space for an extra magazine or means for attaching one. However, to carry several magazines, a gas canister, some BB refill grenades, a speed loader, a scope, and a couple of energy bars, you may need something more akin to a vest or a utility belt. Airsoft may be only a recreational game, but in the heat of battle, things can get hectic and you do not want to be dropping your gear everywhere. Plus the more often you drop an Airsoft gun, the more likely you are to break it.

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