Airsoft Kwa Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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KWA Airsoft guns are made in Taiwan for domestic use and for export around the world. KWA specializes in premium gas pistols but they also manufacture a few other items as well--including revolvers and a couple of sub-machine guns. Some of the techniques KWA uses in making their Airsoft replica weapons achieve remarkable results considering they are legally classified as toys. (Taiwan's shaky relationship with China makes gun control a major issue.)

KWA shares an intriguing feature with KSC in Japan. KWA's guns and KSC's guns are all manufactured to the same specifications. There is some evidence for guns with the KSC brand being manufactured in Taiwan, but little proof that the brands are actually the same. This has led to debate in the Airsoft community. Some Airsofters swear KSC guns are better, while others claim there is no difference. What is known is that there is a relationship and that KWA guns are not sold in Japan.

KWA/KSC guns are made from heavy-weight materials (often noted as HW) and usually include metal parts to increase the weight and heft of the guns. HW materials are usually mixtures of ABS plastic and metal that are melted together and molded into raw gun parts. In addition to heavier weights, KWA's premium pistols feature realistic, gas blow-back action, textured grips, and an attention to detail that makes them popular not only in recreational settings but also in mock combat training.

Caring for KWA Gas Guns

High-quality, Airsoft replicas are not cheap and should be cared for properly if they are to remain in good working conditions. In addition to cleaning the barrel and individual parts, a gas gun has seals which must be lubricated to keep them from drying out and cracking. A good seal is essential to a gas gun's operation. Gas gun seals are also sensitive to cold temperatures, so they should be kept at reasonable temperatures when not in use.

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