Airsoft Kwc Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Kine Well Company, Ltd. is a Taiwanese manufacturer of quality Airsoft guns. They focus mainly on the development and production of gas-powered guns, though they do make rifles and AEGs. KWC makes respectable replicas of handguns from manufacturers like Glock, Smith and Wesson, Beretta, and Colt, among others. While they are not always considered among the top manufacturers in the Airsoft industry, they are well respected.

KWC's predecessor company was founded in 1978 and through the success of Matchbox cars became a great success in Taiwanese toy culture. Airsoft-type pellet guns had been around for many years by the time the company started manufacturing BB guns in 1984. They maintained associations with companies in Japan that were more experienced in the industry and gained a feel for what consumers want in Airsoft products. The KWC brand finally appeared in 1993.

KWC manufactures mostly gas-powered, Airsoft replica guns. They sell their guns around the world and produce a full line of accessories and replacement parts for them. KWC gas guns are not the premier guns in the industry but neither do they cost as much as the premier guns. KWC focuses on providing a product that is reliable, has good firing characteristics, and approaches a respectable degree of realism.

Maintaining KWC Gas Guns

It is important, for the proper operation of a gas pistol, that the appropriate gas is used in the gun. The wrong type of gas may not even operate higher-powered pistols. It is also important to keep the gun barrel and its individual parts clean and free of debris. Gas guns also must be properly lubricated and kept from freezing temperatures in order to keep the seals around the injection nozzle and the chamber from drying, cracking, or otherwise deteriorating.

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