Airsoft Machine Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Airsoft machine guns are not just simple, plastic, toy guns with some capability for automatic BB firing. They are intricately designed, highly accurate replicas of real-world firearms, manufactured of advanced plastics and polymers, which are capable of automatic BB firing. This description, of course, applies more to some guns than to others but, as a whole, Airsoft automatic electric guns are some of the best recreational firearms available to the public.

The AEG, as it exists today, is a product of the Tokyo-Marui company in Japan. They produced some of the best early AEGs around and their design proved to be so good that it soon became an industry standard for AEG production. Most automatic electric guns on the market today are still based on the venerable Tokyo-Marui model. Other companies, like ICS, are building formidable reputations in this category, but Tokyo-Marui is still a top contender.

In addition to standard, full-size, semi- and fully automatic machine guns, AEGs are available as assault rifles (like the famed AK-47), sub-machine guns (like the equally famous Uzi), and mini automatic electric guns. The mini electrics are the most toy-like of the AEGs. They are usually built to a reduced scale and do not have the firing capabilities, shot capacities, upgrade possibilities, or the durability that many other AEGs have.

Upgrading Your Airsoft Machine Gun

If you decide not to spend top dollar for a premier AEG, you can always buy a pretty good one and upgrade it later. When taking this approach, initial durability is crucial. Upgrading usually voids a warranty and can create greater stresses in an AEG's internal mechanics. Metal replacement parts can increase the heft of a too-light AEG. AEGs can be upgraded by changing their motors, batteries, bearings, bushings, springs, gears, barrels, stocks, sights, and/or any number of other individual parts.

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