Airsoft Masks

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Even though Airsoft is mainly a recreational pastime, safety should be of paramount importance. It is true that most Airsoft guns shoot lightweight, plastic BBs at relatively low velocities. However, it is also true that hard, little BBs at almost any fired velocity can cause serious damage to a human eye. The mouth and nose are also somewhat at risk, but the eyes are exposed from so many more angles that their protection must be seen to first and foremost.

Basic eye protection for combatants in Airsoft games should at least be made of an "unbreakable" plastic, and should preferably offer protection from the sides as well. Since the majority of Airsoft games are played outdoors, you should look for protective glasses that will protect your eyes from UV radiation as well as from BB impacts. Adequate protection and good aesthetics do not have to be at odds, as several companies make protective glasses that are also quite stylish.

Airsoft masks are designed to offer maximum facial protection from BB hits. Rather than protecting only the eyes, safety masks protect the eyes, the nose, and sometimes the mouth as well. Two major concerns, aside from material strength and aesthetics, are the ventilation of a mask and its fog-resistance. Proper ventilation ensures you can keep your breath as you run, roll, jump, and dive. Fog-resistance ensures you can see what you are shooting at.

Features of and Accessories for Airsoft Masks and Goggles

Many Airsoft masks, goggles, and safety glasses have replaceable lenses that simply pop in and out. Most eye protection devices like these use elastic straps to secure them to a player's head. Some also feature buckles that offer easy fit-adjustment and possibly quick-release functions. Instead of anti-fog lenses, some masks utilize a fine wire mesh to protect the eyes while affording good visibility. If your eye gear does not inherently resist fogging, there are solutions and wipes that can provide such protection.

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