Airsoft Mp5 Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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The Heckler & Koch MP5 is considered by many people to be the world's premier sub-machine gun. It is extraordinarily compact and lightweight for the sheer firepower it can produce. The MP5 has been through many subtle changes since its introduction in Germany in 1966, which have increased its already ample firepower, reliability, accuracy, and durability. It is the weapon of choice for special forces and para-military units around the world, and it is a gun that looks like no other.

The MP5 has also proved to be a very popular model among Airsoft enthusiasts. Most Airsoft companies that produce AEGs produce a model of the MP5--if not more than one model. Whenever a new version is announced by one of the top AEG manufacturers, a frenzy of anticipation, discussion, and prediction breaks out in the Airsoft community. Even before their official releases, such guns have been tested, inspected, taken apart, and analyzed piece by piece.

With all of the MP5 makes and models on the market, choosing one can be difficult. Poorly made automatic electric guns are notorious for breaking easily, partly because they are more complex machines and partly because their fully automatic firing can put increased strain on the gun's internal mechanisms. You will want to look into the internal parts of an MP5 for strong metal parts, durable plastic parts, and ease of replacement should something break.

A Rainbow of MP5 Flavors

For all of the most popular incarnations of the real-world MP5, there are corresponding Airsoft AEG MP5s. As you are shopping around, remember that an MP5A4 is different from an MP5SD5 and an SD5 version will be different from an SD6 version. Plus, each company's version of a specific type of MP5 will be different. Your best bet for finding the right one is to do some research into the positives and negatives that have been associated with each model and make decisions based on quality as well as price.

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