Airsoft Rifles

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Airsoft rifles come in a wide range of firing powers, firing styles, and realistic qualities. You can spend as little as 15 dollars for a low-end, entry-level springer rifle, and as much as several hundreds of dollars for a high-end, high-power, AEG sniper rifle. There are some important considerations to make before you purchase your rifle. A new rifle should come with a warranty that guarantees it against defects for at least a few months.

Although the cheapest Airsoft rifles are spring rifles, not all spring rifles are simple, entry-level models. The more expensive spring rifles use heavy-duty springs that are capable of firing BBs at velocities faster than those produced by other gas and electric rifles. Most high-end spring rifles are sniper rifles, because snipers do not need fully automatic firing and can manually cycle the rifle after each shot. Long-barreled, sniper rifles can be very accurate as well.

A spring rifle's power, accuracy, and durability is affected by the power of the spring, the diameter and length of the barrel, the types of BBs used, and its ergonomic properties. Most rifles shoot 6mm BBs from barrels that are 6.12mm in diameter. By switching to a precision, 6.04mm diameter barrel, accuracy and velocity increase. Also, a longer barrel generally produces greater accuracy and velocity if the firing spring is powerful enough. Ergonomics affects how smoothly the gun can be aimed and fired.

Changing Barrels on Airsoft Rifles

If you should decide to exchange the barrel on your rifle for one that is longer and more precise, you will need to ensure that your spring is strong enough to overcome the extra length. If not, the BB can produce a vacuum effect in the barrel that will decimate your firing velocity. Decreasing your barrel's diameter will increase your rifle's accuracy but it will also increase its maintenance needs. A precision barrel must be cleaned more regularly, especially if cheaper BBs are used.

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