Airsoft Silencers

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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There is some legal confusion as to the status of Airsoft silencers both within the Airsoft community and within the legal community. Strict interpretation of certain statutes could possibly allow certain law enforcement agencies in the United States to prosecute a person in possession of a silencer. There is confusion as to the classification of Airsoft guns and accessories under these statutes, however, and law enforcement does not seem to be using such strict interpretations.

Depending on the effectiveness and the means of attachment of a silencer, the above paragraph may not even apply. A silencer must be nominally effective in order to even be legally classified as a silencer--and many Airsoft silencers do not meet the criteria. Most Airsoft silencers do little more than lower the pitch of the cracking sound made by the BB exiting the barrel. Compared to the effect of a real silencer on a real firearm, the Airsoft version does very little.

There are almost as many silencers for Airsoft guns as there are guns. This is because not every silencer will fit every gun. Some guns require specific silencers, while others can accommodate a broader range of attachments. Some weapons can also be upgraded with barrel attachments that make them compatible with many more accessories than would otherwise be possible. If you are purchasing an Airsoft gun, these might be things to consider in your decision making process.

Using Silencers in Competitions

Competition rules can change greatly from event to event, so you should check the rules before you lug all of your equipment to the venue. If allowed, silencers can present an advantage to the shooter that makes less noise than the others. Extending the length of your weapon, however, can decrease your maneuverability in close quarters combat. You will simply need to weigh the pluses and minuses as they apply to your strategy.

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