Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Airsoft sniper rifles are capable of producing some of the highest pellet velocities in the entire industry. (There is an upper limit as to how high of a firing velocity a gun can have before its legal status changes, however.) Rifles are generally capable of delivering heightened accuracy and velocity but can be difficult to wield in close quarters situations. For that reason, many rifles, even some sniper rifles, come with a folding or removable stock.

There are a few manufacturers that produce Airsoft sniper rifles to such detail that they are hard to distinguish from the "real-steel," in Airsoft parlance. These rifles are often sold at prices well over 2,000 dollars, and are constructed almost completely of steel and wood. The hefts of these guns, the lengths of their barrels, and the quality of their interior mechanisms arguably make them worth their prices to serious Airsoft enthusiasts.

Most high-quality sniper rifles, apart from the above luxury category, are made from heavyweight ABS plastic. Such heavyweight plastics are usually blends of plastic and metal, increasing their weight while remaining cost-efficient. Guns fashioned of these materials are generally noted as such because it increases their overall values. Though the weight and action of these guns is similar to those fashioned of wood and steel, they are much less expensive--only a few hundred dollars.

Upgrading Your Sniper Rifle

Even if you choose to save money on the initial purchase price of your gun by buying a lighter plastic replica, you can later exchange parts for metal or wood and increase the gun's realism. Major manufacturers offer upgrade accessories like metal barrels, wooden stocks, custom grips, bi-pods, red light scopes, laser sights and more. The effect is similar to buying a high-quality rifle on an installment plan but without the protection of a full warranty.

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