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Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Up until a few years ago, few places in the world outside of pockets in Asia had brick-and-mortar stores where one could shop for Airsoft weapons and accessories. In places like Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, however, Airsoft has been steadily increasing in popularity since it branched off of the toy gun industry in the 1970s. The Airsoft industry's focus on hyper-realistic replicas of popular firearms proved to be an incredibly effective business model.

Japan and Taiwan both have strict gun control laws that made the light plastic pellets and low muzzle velocities of Airsoft replicas a natural fit. As Airsoft began picking up enthusiasts in the West, governments began to pass legislation to address the difficulty in distinguishing Airsoft weapons from real firearms--especially items like assault rifles. In the United States, this resulted in the bright orange muzzles on Airsoft guns and the limiting of muzzle velocities.

Aside from the increase in quality through successive product generations, the Internet has played the biggest role in spreading Airsoft globally. What was once small, scattered pockets of individual Airsoft enthusiasts has become a large, online community with many major events and competitions annually. Though Airsoft is gaining ground in traditional retail environments, online retailers are still the best option for finding a wide variety of guns for sale.

Shopping Online for Airsoft Guns and Accessories

Internet retailers are usually the best option for getting a good deal on a high quality Airsoft gun but you do need to take precautions--like not purchasing from a company you know nothing about. If you have not heard of a company, do a little background check on them and try to find testimonials from real customers. Make sure any transactions are done under secure connections and that your merchandise carries at least some sort of warranty.

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