Airsoft Tactical Supplies

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Airsoft tactical supplies may not be the first product a person interested in Airsoft purchases, but they follow closely behind. Usually, by the time a person purchases his or her second Airsoft gun, tactical supplies start to look more and more like necessities. Definitely by the time a person attends his or her first Airsoft competition, the desire to enhance a weapon with a laser sight, increased muzzle velocity, and high-capacity magazines can become overwhelming.

Tactics are, by definition, plans for managing situations. Therefore, tactical equipment is anything that helps to give an Airsoft player an edge in combat situations. This equipment can be polarizing safety lenses, red light scopes, high-capacity magazines, or even upgraded pieces on an Airsoft gun. Many companies make a distinction between upgrade parts and tactical equipment. However, some retailers simply lump it all under the "accessories" category.

As the Airsoft industry has become more high tech and the refinements to Airsoft weapons have become more advanced and numerous, Airsoft tactical equipment has kept pace. Precision barrels are only 6.04mm in diameter as compared to the 6.12 diameters of standard barrels. Upgraded motors and gearboxes on AEGs (automatic electric guns) allow them to spit out BBs at rates of over several hundreds of BBs per minute of fully automatic firing.

Achieving Tactical Superiority

Anything that will give you the edge in a mock combat situation can help you achieve tactical superiority. Of course, the other team will be looking for the same thing, so your opponent's tactics must be included in your planning. Adding silencers, camouflage, laser sights, and hand signals can greatly improve your chances of winning, but you must also be prepared for your plan to fall apart. Rarely do combat plans fall neatly into place when faced with a thinking opponent.

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