Airsoft Tokyo Marui Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Tokyo-Marui, sometimes simply called Marui, was already a well-known Japanese model-maker when they got into making Airsoft guns and accessories. They were not leading the way in the Airsoft industry until the early 1990s when they started making AEGs. At that point, Marui became an Airsoft behemoth, and the entire industry was soon following their lead with automatic electric guns based on their model.

The introduction of the automatic electric gun, AEG, revolutionized the Airsoft industry, which had been dominated by gas-powered models with external tanks. The AEG allowed the operating mechanisms to be internalized and heightened the realism of Airsoft weapons. Tokyo-Marui's position at the top of the AEG heap ensured them the opportunity to grasp long-term success--which they did. Marui has since produced some of the most highly rated gas blow back, or GBB, pistols on the market as well.

Tokyo-Marui is generally credited with being one of the fathers of the worldwide Airsoft phenomenon. The detailed styling and ingenious operation of their AEGs attracted attention to the fledgling Airsoft industry and helped build markets beyond Japan, Taiwan, and some other Asian markets. In fact, Marui's design of the interior mechanisms of their automatic electric guns remains a standard followed by many in the industry.

The General Consensus Regarding Tokyo-Marui Guns

Tokyo-Marui makes guns of all sorts (spring, gas, and electric) that are highly regarded by the industry and by enthusiasts. Their internal designs are quite good and their guns have earned a reputation for reliability. Some take issue with Marui's tendency to use more ABS plastic and less wood or steel. This keeps the prices of their guns down, however, and they do offer stronger parts for upgrades. Tokyo-Marui makes guns for the broad middle of Airsoft enthusiasts.

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