Airsoft Uhc Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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The Unicorn Hobby Company is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of a broad range of Airsoft guns. Since the founding of UHC in 1986, they have been known as a maker of entry-level and mid-range spring-operated pistols and gas-operated pistols. In more recent history, they have expanded into the production of mini automatic electric guns. UHC offers possibly the most varied and complete line of revolvers in the Airsoft industry.

Though UHC is perhaps best known for their entry-level springer pistols, they make dozens of individual gun models. They carry lightweight, inexpensive models as well as heavier models made of ABS plastic and metal. They are also quickly becoming known for manufacturing affordable, gas-powered pistols. Some of their gas-powered pistols feature realistic blow-back action, and they have developed a line of electric, blow-back pistols as well.

Since 1986, UHC has sold millions of Airsoft guns worldwide. There are also rumors that have been circulating for several years that UHC has some sort of agreement with Tokyo-Marui to produce low-end springer pistols. Whether true or not, UHC is one of the most trusted names for such products. If you look around enough, you can even find UHC spring-operated pistol replicas for around 10 dollars--which is pretty amazing.

Before You Order an Airsoft Gun

Whether from UHC, KSC, Tokyo-Marui, or any other manufacturers of Airsoft guns, before you place an order you should check the laws in your area. In certain parts of the United States, most notably New York City, and other countries, Airsoft guns are either illegal or subject to strict regulations. It is also important to note that not every gun available for sale has the bright orange muzzle that is required by law in the United States.

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