Airsoft Uzi

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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The Airsoft uzi is popular for many of the same reasons as the real-world uzi. It is lightweight and compact, making it highly portable, and it has plenty of fire-power. Uzis are capable of spitting out hundreds of rounds per minute and have high-capacity magazines. Airsoft uzis are not quite as capable as their real-world counterparts, but in Airsoft terms they are solid performers. Some do perform better than others, however.

The performance of an Airsoft uzi depends on several factors having to do with the manufacture of the weapon. Airsoft uzis are AEGs and have all of the internal complexity inherent to the category. An automatic electric gun (AEG) is made up of all of the parts that make up other Airsoft weapons, with the addition of over a dozen more parts that make the transition from battery power to firing power. As anyone knows, more parts means more chances to go wrong.

You do not want to get too good of a deal on an automatic electric gun. You want to get a good deal, but you do not want to get what seems like an amazing deal until your uzi stops working after one week--and you have no warranty. AEGs are very popular, and any popular product will spawn inferior rip-offs. The best way to get a good return on your investment is by choosing a product from a company that has something to lose by selling inferior merchandise.

Tips for Spotting Quality

You are generally pretty safe from shoddy merchandise with companies like ICS, Tokyo-Marui, KCS, and a few other Airsoft manufacturers. You are also usually pretty safe buying products that are faithful replicas fashioned of wood, steel, and heavy-weight ABS plastic. The market for quality Airsoft AEGs is relatively large, but is also quite competitive. This means you can get quality products at reasonable prices. By trying to squeeze every nickel, however, you might end up with an expensive paper-weight.

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