Automatic Bb Gun

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are looking for the hottest automatic BB gun on the market today, look no further than the EAA Drozd Air Pistol, Model 180215. This piece is the premier automatic BB gun available, and with a switch mechanism for selecting either a one round shot, a three round burst, or a six round burst, you will be a believer in no time. Add in the Drozd's slick yellow frame with an inserted magazine and installed butt stock, and you have the makings of a superior BB gun.

Experience the Rush Of An Automatic BB Gun

When you squeeze the trigger on a Drozd set for a six-round burst, feel the recoil and hear the satisfying rat-tat-tat of the BBs hitting the target, you'll experience the thrill of firing a military-style automatic weapon. Take out targets in a flurry of fire and imagine what it's like to hold a fully-functional automatic weapon. Experience the satisfaction as your control and accuracy quickly improve, and impress your friends with your mastery of a powerful automatic pistol.

Explore the Full Range Of Automatic BB Guns

As an airgun enthusiast looking to add to your collection, consider the abundance of options available to you, through companies like Crossman, Daisy, Gamo, and others. These companies make a number of high-quality semi-automatic rifles and pistols. Fire off rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger with guns such as Crossman Model 1077 Air Rifle, the Daisy Powerline Model 693 Nickel Air Pistol, and the Gamo P-23 Combo Laser Air Pistol.

If you are intent on finding an automatic BB gun, options abound, and with a number of established companies to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the make and model that's right for you. Whether you choose the EAA Drozd or one of the other fine models listed above, you're sure to experience the rush of adrenaline that comes with unleashing the full potential of these outstanding firearms.

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