Benjamin Air Rifles

Written by Dallas Smith
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Brought to us as a brand of the respected Crossman Company are the top-notch line of Benjamin Air Rifles. The Benjamin label designates a choice selection of bolt-action and break-barrel pellet rifles, including .22 and .177 caliber barrel options. Standing out among the Benjamins is the RM777 Break Barrel Pellet Rifle, which delivers up to an amazing 1100 feet per second of velocity. This rifle uses a spring piston power source, and has a solid weight of over eight pounds that gives a sturdy, hefty feel to this exceptional gun.

If bolt-action is your style, Benjamin's selection will be just what you're looking for, with skillfully crafted ergonomically friendly hardwood stocks to give your air pistol a solid, traditional feel. With high velocities and bulls-eye accuracy, you'll be impressing your friends in no time with your marksmanship. You've got to get your hands on one first, but as soon as you fire a Benjamin, you won't be in a hurry to put it down.

Experience the Classic Look of Benjamin Air Rifles

Benjamin Air Rifles are defined by their smooth, finely-polished hardwood stocks and their exceptional rifled steel, brass, or nickel barrels. When you handle a Benjamin rifle, you step back to a time before space-age polymers and synthetics. Some shooters might prefer the more modern feel, and perhaps you even have such guns in your collection. If you are looking to add a rifle with a classic feel to that collection, pick up a Benjamin and be transported back in time.

Imagine yourself in the time of your father or grandfather, and experience the joy he felt the first time he fired a well-crafted hardwood rifle. Experience the satisfaction he felt with the texture of the wood and the heft of its weight. This experience can be yours when you purchase a Benjamin Air Rifle.

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