Crossman Airguns

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are looking for a respected American airgun company known for manufacturing innovative and well-crafted airguns, look no further than Crossman Airguns. This company, based out of upstate New York, has developed a reputation in the industry for producing some of the top airguns around for over 80 years. Featuring a variety of exceptional quality air rifles and air pistols, Crossman has consistently delivered airguns of exquisite craftsmanship to its loyal customers.

Crossman air rifles come in a variety of exciting designs, from the traditional to the modern, with a wide range of capabilities and features, such as the trademarked CO2 88 gram AirSource power system on the Model AS1077T, which delivers enough CO2 for up to 400 consecutive shots. Other models come scope-equipped or scope-compatible for additional accuracy, and Crossman also offers a rifle with the classic lever cocking action mechanism. Each Crossman air rifle is made with particular attention to quality construction, and will no doubt stand the test of time.

Crossman air pistols carry an equal claim to solid construction and will consistently meet performance expectations. Typical pistol features include .177 caliber barrels, options for classic pump-action, revolver, and 10 millimeter designs, and ergonomically designed synthetic grips. Crossman air pistols will prove time and time again to be a genuine pleasure to shoot.

Crossman Airguns: A History And A Future Bound In Quality

When you purchase a Crossman Airgun, you can be certain that your choice, be it an air rifle or air pistol, has been constructed using the knowledge of over 80 years of airgun manufacturing. Crossman's time-tested formula for successful airgun construction goes into the creation of each new piece, including the one that ends up in your hands. Fire a Crossman for the first time, and you'll experience the superior lineage of the weapon your holding first hand.

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