Daisy Airguns

Written by Dallas Smith
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When considering the top American manufacturers of airguns, the Daisy Company of Rogers, Arkansas, will always garner high regard from airgun enthusiasts. Daisy has been in the business of making high-quality airguns for over 100 years, so their reputation is firmly established in the fabric of American life. Also, when an airgun company can stake a claim to selling over nine million units of one of its guns, as Daisy can with the legendary Red Ryder BB gun, its status among American airgun manufacturers becomes legendary.

Daisy Airguns: A Legacy of Exceptional Quality

When you purchase a Daisy airgun, you purchase a firearm crafted from over 100 years of experience in the field. Daisy air rifles and air pistols are each created with exquisite attention to features that have always been Daisy hallmarks. With Daisy air rifles, you get a variety of solid designs and capabilities, such as solid hardwood and woodgrain stocks, scope-equipped and scope-compatible models, and the classic lever cocking and multi-pump pneumatic action mechanisms.

With Daisy air pistols, you gain exclusive access to the respected Colt line of quality air pistols, as well as classic Daisy favorites incorporating molded black checkered grips, .177 caliber barrels, 13 to 15 round clips, and classic black or nickel-plated bodies. These air pistols will be a pleasure to fire, and their superior quality ensures their extended longevity. Possessed of classic designs and consistent performance, these pistols are a must for the casual and serious collector.

It is clear from the quality of Daisy air rifles and air pistols that owning a Daisy airgun is a guarantee that you will take pride in your purchase for years to come. As if the Daisy name was not enough to convince you of the superior craftsmanship of these airguns, the solid designs, wide variety of styles, and ultimately high performance standards will no doubt make a believer out of you. Pick up a Daisy, and you will quickly see why millions of consumers have done the same.

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