Electric Airsoft Pistols

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Electric Airsoft pistols are not generally included in the category of automatic electric guns (or AEGs). Even though they operate along the same principles as AEGs, they do not fit in with the image of the AEG assault rifles and sub-machine guns. More often than not, you will find electric pistols listed with the other types of pistols. If the pistols are broken into sub-categories and there is no category for electric pistols, you might find some listed under the spring category or under the custom category.

Electric pistols can offer some of the benefits associated with AEGs, however, like automatic firing and upgrade capabilities. There are some drawbacks as well, though. Since electric pistols are smaller, there is not as much room for batteries, motors, gears, and all the necessary parts. This means that the pistol may not have as much power as you might want in a weapon and may not use rechargeable batteries like AEG rifles.

Electric pistols do not have the widest fan base, so improvements are slow in materializing, but some of the major manufacturers are looking to exploit this niche. Some people choose electric pistols because they do not require the use of gas and the additional maintenance that gas pistols do. Plus, while the blow-back action of an electric pistol may not be as realistic as the action of a gas pistol, it is more action than can be found in a springer.

Where to Purchase Electric Pistols

The best market for Airsoft products in general, and specifically for electric pistols, is still the Internet. Airsoft is making inroads at brick-and-mortar retailers, but electric pistols are less likely to be found in them just yet. So online retailers are your best option. Before making any transaction, however, you should have some knowledge about the company, their return policy, the gun's warranty coverage, and the security of your transmitted, financial information.

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