Written by Dallas Smith
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When you are looking outside America for a respected manufacturer of high-quality airguns, don't let your search pass over Spain's Gamo, a company respected as one of the top European airgun manufacturers for the past sixty years. Gamo provides an extensive range of both exceptional air guns and air pistols, designed for casual target shooting or intensive small-game hunting. Gamo weapons are known for their durability. The fact that each gun passes through rigorous quality-assurance tests is testimony to Gamo's commitment to making a premier firearm.

Gamo: A Gun for Every Occasion

Whether you are a casual shooter, a passionate enthusiast, or an experienced hunter, Gamo has a gun designed to meet your needs. For the casual shooter, a gun such as the Shadow 640 will do. Offering a light-weight, futuristic design coupled with substantial velocity and an easy cocking action, the Shadow 640 is an excellent choice for the budding marksman.

For the passionate enthusiast, Gamo offers a gun such as the R-77 four inch laser air pistol, the smallest CO2 revolver in the world. This gem might be small, but with an eight-round revolving chamber, double or single action, a laser sight and a velocity of 360 feet per second, this pistol packs a powerful punch. Take one of these bad boys home, and you'll find your buddies lining up to get their hands on it.

Finally, for the experienced small-game hunter, Gamo offers rifles such as the Realtree Hunter Air Rifle, complete with its scorching 1000 feet per second of velocity and camouflage design, the latter which is courtesy of an advanced process that transfers the camo pattern directly onto the gun's hardwood stock. This rifle is a must have for the dedicated small-game hunter. As you can see from these three guns, which are just a few of what Gamo has to offer, this respected company makes air guns and pistols that meet your needs, with a quality in craftsmanship that will make your weapon a prized possession for years to come.

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