Written by Dallas Smith
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When looking for top-notch air rifles made with exceptional craftsmanship and a close eye on aesthetics, look no further than Hamburg, Germany based RWS. This company specializes in producing air rifles that are a step up for the experienced air gunner, such as the Model 48 .177 caliber and .22 caliber. These rifles possess serious power, with velocities of up to 1110 feet per second for the .177, provided by a solid spring piston power source cocked by side lever action.

Additionally, the action is mounted into a beautiful extended beechwood stock that reduces recoil and enhances accuracy. These rifles are also equipped with a scope rail and can achieve ultimate accuracy with the addition of an RWS airgun scope. The Model 48 is indeed an impressive rifle, ideal for vermin hunting and field target shooting, and even comes in an all black sniper version.

RWS Air Rifles: Built For High Performance

RWS Air Rifles are manufactured with the serious enthusiast in mind. With pieces like the Model 54 .22 caliber, a high velocity recoil-less spring piston powered rifle, and the Model 350 Magnum, offering velocities of up to 1250 feet per second from its .177 caliber barrel, RWS is committed to providing outstanding power with dead-on accuracy. In other words, these aren't your grandmother's air rifles!

Take on an RWS Air Rifle, and you will immediately experience the level of careful precision craftsmanship that goes into the making of each piece. Line up the sights and pull the trigger, and you will immediately feel the power of the rifle you're dealing with. Add an RWS rifle to your collection, and anticipate enjoying its power and expert quality for many years to come.

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