Spring Guns

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Spring guns are present mostly at the ends of the Airsoft spectrum. You find very few purely spring-operated guns in the middle ranges. For inexpensive, entry-level guns, "springer" pistols are usually the obvious choice. They require very little maintenance, are easy to operate, and have low price tags. The downside to springer pistols lies in their lack of power. They do not fire very far, very hard, or very accurately. For a first gun, though, springers are excellent.

Moving up the Airsoft hierarchy, you will encounter the low-end springer rifles and the better quality spring-operated pistols. These guns usually use stronger springs and internal mechanisms than the cheap springer pistols. These pistols are usually heavier and have more detail than do the springers, as well. The rifle's performance will be noticeably weaker than that of other rifles, but will still be better than that of a springer pistol.

At the high end of the spectrum, you will find high-powered sniper rifles. The springs in these rifles are much more powerful than the springs in springer pistols. Sniper rifles are capable of accurate shooting from well over 100 feet. Some sniper rifles are actually capable of muzzle velocities beyond the legal limit in some places. As these rifles can be rather expensive, you should check your local laws before you proceed with the purchase of one.

Laws Regarding Airsoft

In the United States, it is unlawful to own, possess, or sell an Airsoft gun without a bright orange muzzle. Since most Airsoft guns are made in Asia, not all Airsoft guns have such a muzzle. If you plan on ordering online, make certain the gun you buy is made for the US market and includes the orange muzzle. In the post-Patriot Act world, it is better to avoid the possibility of prosecution than to count on your "minor infraction" going unnoticed.

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