Walther Air Pistols

Written by Dallas Smith
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Built with all the pride in craftsmanship that airgun aficionados have expected from the brand, Walther Air Pistols continue to set a high standard of performance, while including a wide range of capabilities. Straight from the respected German company, these air pistols come in a variety of styles ranging from the traditional CP88BW model, built with hand-crafted natural wood grips, to the sport CPSO-CP and CPSY-CP models, which come in striking orange and yellow polymer frames, respectively. Walther guns continue to impress collectors with their exceptional quality and functionality.

These airguns also will impress you with a range of weights and velocities, while relying on the tried and true .177 Caliber barrel, eight-shot repeater firing mechanism, and CO2 power source. This design consistency distinguishes the Walther as a reliable purchase every time around, that will give you uniform results whenever you've got it in your hand. Once you've determined that Walther Air Pistols are your exclusive choice, you'll find it a trustworthy model that will grant you satisfaction every time you fire it.

Walther Air Pistols: Ideal For Recreation Or Competition

Whether you're just shooting around in the backyard, searching out small vermin, or engaged in competitive shooting, you can find a Walther model that works for you. Think of a grip style, velocity and design that you desire, and Walther has the gun that you need. Take on the competition with a Walther and you are bound to stay head-to-head with each new challenge.

Whether you're shooting BBs or pellets, looking for a military-style model or a James Bond replica, or desiring a range of weights, recoil options, or velocities, Walther Air Pistols will come through every time. As soon as you fire off the first couple of rounds, you'll feel the quality of craftsmanship that goes into each Walther piece. Experience a Walther, and experience hundreds of years of expert German gun manufacturing.

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