5280 Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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The hottest young players on the professional pool circuit today are aggressive and electrifying in their game. In order to achieve the exciting and bold style of play, many of them use 5280 cues as their cue of choice, designed for a modern, no-holds-barred game. These pool cues take the traditional rules of cue design and turn them upside down.

5280 Cues are made by CueStix International, a billiards equipment distributor and manufacturer based out of Denver, Colorado, the "mile high" city (hence the name). These are high quality, performance cues in the middle of the price range for the market. Prices range from $160 to over $300, but for the price they come with quite an array of high performance design features and components.

Shafts are made from well seasoned Canadian hard rock maple, and given a professional taper and 13mm seven layer tip. 5280 cues are made using CNC technology, the standard today for precision milling work, ensuring the highest quality control tolerances. They come with either a 3/8 radial pin for the joint, or the new Tru-loc joint, which is gaining popularity. The wood-to-wood joint makes these cues play similar to a Meucci cue, giving the player added feel in each hit.

5280 Cues Blend Tradition With Modern Flair

On top of solid construction, what really sets these cues apart in the market are the unique designs. While many custom and high end cue manufacturers stick to more traditional designs, 5280 cues breaks the rules, taking old styles and giving them a modern and exciting flair. Using traditional materials such as birdseye maple and ebony, and adding striking colors of blue and emerald with Acrylite inlays, these cues are a perfect expression for many styles of pool play.

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